Junior Tennis Policies


All classes must be paid for prior to the start of the session.

Pinewoods reserves the right to reassign players to a class that will better serve the player within the first two weeks of the session.

Players must fill out the Player Information Form in full and provide it on the next day of class.


Players are expected to attend every scheduled class in which they are enrolled.    Each class is held on a designated time and day, which will usually remain consistent through the session.

If a player cannot attend a scheduled class, it is his/her responsibility to notify Pinewoods Racquet Club of the intended absence.  NOTIFICATION MUST HAPPEN MORE THAN 5 HOURS BEFORE THE START OF CLASS TO RECEIVE A MAKEUP.  This includes absence due to illness/injury.

Players who do not follow these guidelines forfeit the opportunity to make-up the missed class.

If the scheduled day of the class needs to be changed, Pinewoods will provide notice of the change.

Make-Up/Missed Class:


If Pinewoods is notified of a player’s expected absence at least 5  hours in advance, that player will have the opportunity to make-up the missed class by attending a class at a comparable level at some point in the current  session.  If there is not another class at a comparable level, the player may make up no more than 2 missed classes in the next session.

Players may only make up a total of 2 classes per session.  No refunds or credits will be given to students missing more than 2 classes.

The opportunity to make-up a missed class will not extend into the next  session.  Refunds will not be granted if a player fails to make-up the class in a timely manner.

In the event of inclement weather, Pinewoods may cancel tennis activity.  If this occurs, Pinewoods will schedule a special make-up class for any cancelled class.  Pinewoods will notify players of the day and time of the make-up class as soon as possible.


Players are expected to wear athletic clothing and non-marking, flat-soled tennis sneakers.

Running shoes are not allowed, as they do not provide enough lateral support and can lead to injury.

Players should wear clothing with at least one pocket in which a tennis ball will fit.


Tennis is a “gentleperson’s sport,” and we expect all of our players to act according to the Tennis Code of Conduct.  The tennis court is our classroom, and we therefore want to promote an environment in which players can thrive.

Racquet/Ball/Verbal abuse (racquet throwing, random hitting of tennis balls, inappropriate language) from players will not be tolerated and can lead to removal from the program.

If you have any questions regarding these policies, please contact Pinewoods at 860-482-9424.